Oz's travels.

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Back in September 2018 Phil an I helped our great mate Radio Ray set up the PA equipment here, we had never been to this show before, we found it such a fantastic show that it was put on our 2019 calendar. So here we are Saturday September 7th 2019 with the wobble box for a great weekend. The show is on the Sunday an we are here to assist Radio Ray with the PA...… Hey.. nice jingle.... 

That's Speech House behind us. Link to their website....      


The show ground is a bit empty at the mo, but it will soon fill up. 

This arena is set out for the dog show, but first its the Oz the Gopher show!

Oh me being the centre of attraction quite over powered me, I had to have a quick lie down.

I soon recovered though he he he.

                                            Lets go an see whats already here...

2 x US Army GMC lorries... as they are American I should say TRUCKS! a Willys Jeep and a Leyland Daf T45 a nice display.  

These are what you call a proper lorries compared to modern lorries that about knower days.

 Here is a 1963 eight wheeler drop side Foden with an Gardener engine, not the quickest engine but power wise they are brilliant. 

Another Foden with a Gardener engine.

I bet this has pulled its weight over the years. 

A 1965 Morris FGK40. If you haven't seen one of these before.....

The doors are at the rear of the cab.

Quite a roomy cab, that lump in the middle is the engine cover. You will also see these lorries with BMC and Leyland badges. 

ALBION drop side lorry from the 1950s. 

The fashion knower days on modern lorries is to have a similar light to the indicator light I'm stood by, in roughly the same position, hanging from the mirror arms. I have allways thought they look a bit over the top, plus a distraction to the bod whose driving, that's my opinion anyway!

A 1918 Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Traction Engine, that reminds me I must finish of my Mamod steam roller. 

It has its own water bowser.

You wont get stuck with this ford tractor. This tractor has a novel trick, with this caterpillar set up, it can do wheelies. You can watch it on the film at the bottom of this page. (1:28.00)

This is Opperman Motocart an was built by S.E. Opperman of Hertfordshire back in the 1940s.

I might ask if I can have a go driving it later.

I have seen most tractors over time, but I haven't seen an International like this one.  I like coming to shows like this, you see tractors that have been saved from being scraped, when more modern tractors have taken over. 

Aye up! I just spotted Rays van.

Ray is the chap stood on the right, so we better head over, its time to set up the PA equipment.

While we was having a pre set up chat, we heard a helicopter coming, We looked to the sky and saw it was the local air ambulance. It circled around the site a few times, we dreaded that their had been an incident near by and it was looking for a safe place to land. 

It did land!!

But luckily there wasn't an incident, some off the lads who set up the show popped down earlier to the air ambulance station next to the Strensham northbound services on the M5 to take a look, but it was out on a shout, so the crew very kindly flew it up here. I had to have a closer look.

A very nice bit of kit, that saves lives! Please make a donation when you see a collection box...… Thank you. 

Link to the Midlands Air Ambulance website..           


Can I sit in the pilots seat please?


PA set up so another walk round before a wash an brush up and have our tea.

Here's Phil's department.... The tractor pullers. Tomorrow Phil will be doing the talky bit in the main arena about this lot. 

Forest Thunder.... Iveco 14ltr engine. 

It takes me back to 2011, when after a few ciders, I was up there an road Forest Thunder on a pull at The Great Dorset Steam Fair. Check it out.... after finishing this page of course.... GDSF 2011 page. 

BIG GIRL! International with a Detroit Diesel engine...… VERY NOISY!

Not a favourite combination of mine, a John Deere and Scania, but it works. 
Appropriately call The Scandeere. 

The way the covers are designed gives you a clue its a V8.

Forest Flyer, with a Perkins V8 engine.

Sunday Morning...…………..   

               Everybody, I'd like to introduce a great mate of mine..... Radio Ray. 

  Ray has always taken a pride in setting up his PA equipment, to get the best sound quality for the clients he helps out.    

Phil an I first met Ray a Much Marcle show 2017, when we asked Ray for any advice about Phil's radio mic. Since then Ray has very kindly rewired Phil's radio mic plus supplied Phil with a Micron set up that is out of this world. Phil used it in the 2019 tractor pulling season at Much Marcle, Welland and Dorset, the performance was superb, thanks again Ray. 

While the action went on in the arena, I kept a watch in the van. Ray was out having a walk around. 
A call came through over the walkie talkie.... "Radio Ray to Oz come in please, over" I answered " Oz receiving you Ray, over", "Increase the volume on fader number 2 please, over", I took control of the deck an slowly adjusted the fader until over the radio came... " Stop, that's fine, nice and clear now, thank you, over". 
Ray is always checking to see things are just right, last year the chap with the birds of pray demonstration used one of the radio mics and there was a very annoying buzzing appeared over the speakers. Ray could not get comfortable until he found the problem. He found it, the chap had a transmitter that was sending a signal to a tracking device on the birds leg. The chap had placed the radio mic transmitter in his top pocket of his shirt about 4 inches away from his transmitter on his bag strap over his left shoulder. This year Ray told him to place the radio mic transmitter in his back pocket, no interference this time, problem solved. The lady who gave the log pulling with a horse demonstration was very happy and complemented Ray over how clear her commentary came across, she said at the last show somewhere she performed, the bods who ran the PA system there made a right hash of it. No one could hear her commentary for the first two demonstrations then they got it right...ish for the last one, amateurs! Phil an I learn a lot from Ray every time we are with him an we both appreciate it, thanks mate.
 Now here's a question for you, what is the connection between this Alvis Scorpion tank and Crockett tractor puller?
Answer is... they both have the same engine. A Cummins 6BTA 5.9 Litre, 190hp.

                                           Photo taken by F.V.V.M.C LTD.

I do love steam, an this engine is wonderful.

I met a lovely lady called Hazel who was in charge of the push bike display, so I had to have a look. 

"I look sweet stood on the seat, of a three wheeler made for two"..... hop on the back Phil! You peddle I'll steer!

As you can see from this Panoramic shot taken by Phil every spot in the show ground is filled with vehicles.

Classic cars.….

Loads of Landrovers and other 4x4's......



and put puts……. stationary engines.

Also commercial vehicles and traction engines that Phil forgot to take a photo of. Plus there is a craft tent, a range of catering and stalls to grab a bargain or two.

Hang on...… I recognise that sign.....

Yep... its my tractor pulling friends from Capel Isaac, Llandeilo. South Wales, Tim and Christine. If you are restoring a tractor and require any bits, contact Christine @ KC BAKER AND DAUGHTERS, they don't have website but here is a link to their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/kcbakerdaughters/

I have seen this chap a few times at the Welland Steam Rally doing chainsaw carving. I had a word with him for quite a while and I wont say anymore but wait and see at Welland 2020. I have a confession, I forgot your name sorry, if you read this please email me mate. 

AEC MATADOR 4x4 timber winch, with a great statement on the top....

                                                    BRING IT ON!

This is very nice an AEC double decker bus in its original speck, I love it. 

Its perfect, lower deck.

Come on Phil up stairs.

Ooo front seat, "ok driver lets go TING TING!" Oh hang on that's to stop the bus,                                                              "sorry driver carry on."

I will finish this page with a film from YouTube uploaded by Geoff Boyce, of the main arena at the show. Phil makes an appearance doing his commentary on the tractors and tractor pullers.

              Here is a link to the F.V.V.M.C website... http://www.fvvmc.co.uk/