Oz's travels.

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                                        This page is dedicated to the memory of Rick Parfitt.

                                              October 12th 1948 - December 24th 2016.

                                                                     Rest in peace.

Phil the lucky bugger went to see the Frantic Four Reunion at Wolverhampton Civic Hall back in 2014. Afterwards he told me "I can die a happy man!" Phil's first trip to see Status Quo was the Perfect Remedy Tour in 1989. That was a year after they had the new line up to the band. So to see the original group was a real joy for him.
                                              Wilko Johnson Band was the warm up.
                                                           The opening of the show.

       Well another concert that I mist, arrr well. I'll be booking the tickets from now on......

                                                     but of course Phil will be paying.

                  As soon as I saw the date of the Birmingham concert I booked the tickets. 

Phil an I headed to the NIA... sorry Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham to see the Almighty Quo.


                            We arrived a smidgen bit late, the warm up band was on. 

                                                                  Reo Speedwagon.
                                                   Impressive a double necked guitar.
 The set before they came on.

                                     The buzz when the intro music came on was electric.

                                     They fired off with their classic....... CAROLINE.

Due too the heart attack Rick suffered during the tour he sadly had retired from the band.    

                                         Playing in Ricks place was Richie Malone. 

         My shot with the band.... Funny thing a voice came from behind Phil an shouted    

                                     "BLOODY HELL THERE IS A BEAR IN THE WAY!"  

            Phil shouted back "HES A GOPHER!" I had a job not to laugh, nice one Phil.

                                                               ROCK ON LADS!
                                                                 Me rocking along.......
Me rocking....... "Again again again again, again again again again
                            Why don't you do it, why don't you do it again "    an I did....
                               Last shot of the set as we was leaving, fantastic concert.

      Phil and I were deeply shocked when we heard that

           Rick Parfitt had died on Christmas eve 2016.

       If any friends or relations of Rick ever read this page,   


          Phil and I do send our deepest condolences to you.



                                            Wolverhampton Civic Hall 3rd December.  
                                      The best seat in the house, I only book the best. 

                                                 The warm up....... CATS IN SPACE. 

                                                            I had to have a boogie.

                                                          The classic Quo stance.

                         One word........................Brilliant 

                               We came down stairs to have a closer look at the stage.

                                                     How close...... on it mate!