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We was very kindly invited to a 50th birthday party that had a pull not a twist to it. We are in North Derbyshire at a farm that has got a wonderful camp site, check out the Facebook page..link.. FiveAcresFarm  

The wobble box hasn't turned a wheel, not even an inch over the last two years it was great to get it back out on the road, giving it a good run up to Ashbourne then a magical mystery tour around the lanes towards Wardle. After a while I shouted at Phil to stop, just after driving past a hotel.... the Monsal Head Hotel & Stable Bar.... the land to our left dropped away into a very impressive valley with a railway viaduct. Phil stopped an I went to have a look. The Monsal Dale-Headstone Viaduct that leads out from a very impressive tunnel on the left.

                                    The Headstone tunnel 533 yards long. 

                     We will have to take a look next time we are in the area. 

                                                                                   This photo found on Google.

Phil had a crack of taking one of those panoramic photos, not the clearest picture a little blurred, anyhow up in the left corner is the hotel we past.

A map of the trail. 

I've just found on the internet that in 2020 the Manchester and East Midlands Rail Action Partnership (MEMRAP) has campaigned for the Peaks and Dales line to reopen between Matlock and Buxton, but Nearly 5,000 people have signed a petition to stop a rail route being reinstated over a landmark viaduct. Humm I'm a bit 50 50 there I'm afraid.
                 We arrived, found a spot, set up and admired the scenery.   
                 Oooo the peace and quiet in this wonderful surroundings.

All except for this bugger, whose cockle doodle doo's in the morning.... I'm not complaining, it's great to hear the sounds of the countryside then the constant rumble from the M5 and all the local delivery lorries driving past the yard in Oldbury. 

Here at Five Acres Farm they breed goats and are available to buy.

A local chap came down to the farm with his classic Scammell Highwayman in its original livery, that used to be based in Sheffield.

Now I have taken the Micky out of Scania's and I will state I don't like them, well the modern shape of them, but this shape I do like an so duz Phil. So seeing this was a jaw dropper... I love it!

What a beast! A Peterbilt with a Cummins engine.  

an what a paint job, clearer pictures below......

Stephen was very busy dragging one of the two guest plowing engines off the low loader, more about the engines later.

I turned around towards the Scania and stood by it was a friend I haven't seen for 10 nearly 11 years.... Richard Angel, A very funny man.
At Pickering Steam Rally one year when Phil was doing the commentary, Richard came up an asked if he could borrow the radio mic, Phil said ok an carried on commentating with the spare wired mic, Richard disappeared. After a while we heard the mic click on an this funny voice came across the pa.... " Errr hello this is the man with the mic, I'm over here next to a tractor puller, has it got a horn?, duz it go voom voom?" he carried on interviewing the owner with loads of stupid questions, we was in tears of laughter. Then there'll be "Thank you...back to Phil" an Phil would carry on with the commentary. About 10 mins later he would be back on with more reports and funny interviews.... Brilliant. Also Richard has built a few great pullers. After finishing this page pop to Pickering Steam Rally 10 page an see the A Team Van. 
The work shop.

Richard had brought with him a patio heater... a ruddy good one. Chatting with Richard is Phill Parker. Steve Knight joined in the discussion that was about the heater. It runs on waste oil and Steve explained that it works on the same principle of the V1 flying bomb engine.... FACT! 

Thanks to Rachel Knight and Kate Seabridge for nipping out to the chip shop, having mine next to Thunderstruck Competition puller.

Fully stodged I had to relax for a while on the very comfy settee. 

I spotted a photo on the wall that interested me, Steve Charles on the right with Steve Knight behind him, then Neil Green who owned the Stinger pulling sledge, what I pulled with my puller, (My first pull page), can't remember the name of the next chap but the chap on the far left is Woody who originally started building the Mad Massey before Gaffa Spencer bought it off him.

A  great night followed chatting about things, having a laugh about old times.

We had a change of crowd when Stephens friends arrived. 

The chap on the far right had us laughing with his stories of the cars he used to own and lorries he used to drive, no brakes, no clutch and dodgy lights. Richards tucked into and emptied the BIG tub of popcorn, the conservation went into the early hours, a fantastic night.  

Friday morning after a smoked bacon butty an mug of tea made by Phil, it was up the field to the freshly made tractor pulling track.

Stephen had the right machine to do the job.

A roller was required so one was shipped in from Ireland that morning, no joke it came in on a back of a lorry, off the ferry that very morning. 

Air cooled Lister if I not mistaken. 

Earlier in the morning before the photos above were taken, the roller arrived, checked over then drove up to the track, I was stood outside the wobble box an filmed it go past he he he.

Charlie Parker having ago.

Chloe Edwards on her pink bonneted Major.

A low loader turned up.... International Paystar 5000. Impressive Lorry or should I say in this case... Truck. The owner is  a keen collector of Internationals, the two tractors that were on the back.... well I think you can guess what make.....

Another lorry that took my eye was this Leyland Landtrain, same lorry that is used by Steve Murty for his wheelie Truck.  

Look at the length of it! Phil has got a liking for this make of Leyland, 

he would be tempted to buy this if it ever came up for sale..... 

Getting back to the farm these wonderful engines were being oiled up ready to be fired. These are an original pair of ploughing engines.


    John Fowler & Co. of Leeds, Type: Ploughing Engine Number: 15441 

                                                                Built: 1920


     John Fowler & Co. of Leeds, Type: Ploughing Engine Number: 15442 

                                                                Built: 1920

Another competition puller "On The Limit" arrived, 2 supercharged Chevrolet V8's producing in excess of 3500hp, Owned by Mark Pacey an driven by Ellie Pacey.

When the sun disappeared over the horizon the pulling started. Plus if you see in the back ground the ploughing engines had run up to the field.

              Ian Fletcher 'Fletch' from the Yorkshire pullers had turned up.

                                                               Rachel Knight.

                                                     Charlie Parker all lit up.

                                 Then Stephen pulled in with Thunderstorm.

                                                             Oh hear it roar!!!

              Back to the farm where Ellie was running up 'On The Limit.'

 Saturday was.....

         'The Five Acres Farm Charity Vintage and Classic Tractor Run.'

 We stood and watched them leave the field for a run round Darbyshire.

The two photos below are from the The Five Acres Farm Charity Vintage and Classic Tractor Run Facebook page...  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         link.. TFAFCVACTR.

The last tractor... I took this photo. 

After that I had something to eat and as it was all nice and quiet I relaxed for a while in the seat of Thunderstruck... and had a snooze.

Later on, a wash and a brush up, a change of shirt, I was ready for the Saturday party night... But first I've got to show you this Mk 2 Escort.

Kitted out with a Sierra Cosworth 16v turbo..... very impressive!

Stephens birthday cake... his birthday was on the following Thursday so he didn't cut the cake that night... shame it looked soooo yummy!

After the 80's band was the charity auction, lots of things donated and every penny was going to... Prostate Cancer UK.. Link.. PCUK.

                 Stephen and Ellie Pacey on stage assisting the auctioneer.

A very nice Draper tool kit came up, Gaffa Spencer who was next to me called back to is mate behind, "you get this one, I'll get the next one!" I jabbed Phil in the ribs an said I'm having that! AND I DID! 

I did get a bit carried away with the auction and come away with a couple more things... It was great fun and money is going too a very good cause.

When I went to pay, I had my chance to have my photo taken with Ellie.                                                                        thank you xx

Ellie very kindly signed one of their posters for me....

I also asked Ellie if it was ok to have a sit on..On the Limit, 

                                                                                                        She very kindly said yes.

It was a fantastic night, Stephen was too busy circulating around everybody to pin him down for a photo, but I managed to grab one with an old mate that I haven't seen for quite a number of years... 

                  Richard from the North Yorkshire tractor pulling team. 

                    Talking about Team... The Wile-E tractor pulling Team.

As I said before a fantastic night to finish a fantastic weekend, meeting up with friends again from the past and making new friends for the future.

    A BIG thank you to Stephen for inviting us and to all that came along to wish him a happy birthday and to support the prostate Cancer UK charity weekend.  

                       Hope to meet you all again soon.... somewhere..... Oz