Oz's travels.

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   St Michaels Mount is an island situated just off Penzance in Cornwall. I went along with Phil in May 2009. 

To get out to the island you can either walk along the causeway, when the tide is out of course or take the boat. When we got there, the tide was in so it was the boat for us.    


The sea wasn't that ruff but I still felt a bit queasy.

On land an here's Phil an I stood on the quayside.
A view up to the castle. Behind me was a mural of an old map of the coast line around here. 
This is it.
While having a shuffty around the gift shop, I found some teddy monks. They weren't very talkative, they must of taken a vowel of silence.

We then went to the tea shop for a wonderful cream tea.

 After tea Phil an I went for a look around the castle. On the way up the pretty steep path we came to the Giants well. Apparently there used to be a giant who lived on the island, he wasn't very nice, so the locals sent in a giant killer. while the giant was sleeping he dug a deep hole then shouted rude words an made noises to get the attention of the giant. The giant ran down towards him a fell down the hole an died. Ok its one for the kids I think.

A follow on to that is... the giant killer then cut out the giants heart an placed it in with the other stones on the path.

This is ment to be his heart.

Halfway up an what a view across the harbour.
Once at the top its time to play. This cannon is ruffly pointing to where we have parked the mini. 
Looking out across the bay towards Penzance.
On my way into the castle. Sadly you wasn't allowed to take any photo's in the castle.
We went up on the battlements an had a look over the edge..... I had that queasy feeling again...Oo er.
Damm its high.
The last look out across the harbour then we made our way back down.

 I had a fantastic time on St Michael's Mount.