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Stopped by V,O,S,A.

Just a short bit of information to all my truck driving mates out there. Due to the bad bit of weather we have had in January V,O,S,A, have not been out to play... so they are on catch up. (The V,O,S,A chap did say that.)  They pulled us over on Thursday the 21st Jan on the A34 north just before Chieveley services by Junction 13 M4.. due to we had the n/side head light bulb out. It was about 3.30 going on to 4pm so it was going dark. They wouldn't let us go until it was changed. Phil did point out that it did blow when he turned from side lights to dipped beam earlier. They say " You will have to go across to the garage an buy one" Phil did state that I don't think the garage would sell a bulb for a ERF/MAN lorry due to they are slightly smaller then standard head light bulbs. Before he could get the chance to go across to see, the bloke had issued him a prohibition notice so we couldn't drive anyware with out that light bulb being fixed or we had to wait for it was light anuff to move in the morning. Phil took off towards the garage . On the way there he past a lorry very like his. Same coloured cab and writing.  

This one..

Phil tapped on the door an asked if he had got a spare bulb. He had.... Fantastic. The owner/driver Cameron was happy to help. Phil paid him for the bulb. Cameron transports Hay an Straw around the UK. If you need some shiffting or anything else he might be able to carry contact.....

Phil had a chat for a while as he dose!! then came back an fitted the bulb. It worked! He then went across to the V,O,S,A bloke who looked over an said ok. Phil legged it back an fired up the lorry put it in gear an pulled away. There was a shout from the V,O,S,A bloke an said "you've got to wait to be released" Phil had then to wait for a bit of paper to be printed telling him he could go...... Cameron came over to see if the bulb was ok.. thats when I had my photo taken with him for my new friends page. Phil took this photo while we was waiting.

It was just after when the V,O,S,A bloke came across with the paper. He did ask why Phil was taking photos of them. Phil explained about my web site. It didn't go down well, I think cuz he was a bit adamant about asking them before any photos could be taken.... Phil showed him this pick an he let it go. We gave him one of my cards so if you are reading this .... Hello Mr V,O,S,A inspector man. Phil then had a bit of a laugh with Cameron then after stopping by Cameron's lorry to take the earlier photo an to be given his business cards, Phil an I headed off home. A BIG thankyou  to Cameron we will keep an eye out for you on the road.