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THE BIG MIN.......  page 3.

Phil taking the big mini round Castle Combe race track on the 24th September 2011. In the passenger seat was Abbey.

Its been a while since I have said anything about the big min, well its been in dry dock over at Southam mini and metro centre. The lads over there have stripped it down to nuts and bolts an they are rebuilding it with a lot of improvements. Here follows just a few when they got started.

First job was to replace the back axle due to its cracked again, then to fit new mounts for the shocks, back and front.

Phil had bought a 5 speed gear box for it some years back, but when Keith went to fit it he found it was longer and wider then the original 4 speed that was in it. A sj413 centre propshaft had to be found and a few technical adjustment to be sorted out before it could be fitted. At this point Phil was told about the shell.... It was rotten as a pear down the passenger side. discussions over a brew and a plan was agreed on to scrap the shell for a newer one, plus a redesign for the rollcage to be bolted to the chassis not just the bodyshell as it was.

Soon it was wiped off an work got on to fit the gearbox,

Under the cover was the newer shell.