Oz's travels.

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June 25th 2017, having a relaxing day on Twitter, then I came across this …….
 Birmingham What's On‏ @WhatsOnBrum

 #WIN 2 TICKETS to Range Rover Story Exhibition and Manufacturing Tour at @LRESolihull. FOLLOW + RT before 28/6 to enter!

I followed then retweeted, but first adding a comment......

Oz T Gopher‏ @Oz_T_Gopher 25 Jun 2017

Replying to @WhatsOnBrum @LRESolihull 

Land..... Rover..... two words that go together as well as chilled cider. Have a great summer... but don't drink an drive.

Well I was totally surprised when this tweet popped up.

CONGRATULATIONS to @Oz_T_Gopher who has won 2 tickets to Range Rover Story Exhibition & Manufacturing Tour at @LRESolihull. We'll DM you now

Now due to being a busy chap it was a while before I booked the trip...… about 12 months.

Winning two tickets I had a hard choice on who to take. 

I chose a friend that I had made on Twitter, I have never met him, but he travelled down to Oldbury. 

                            So I like you to meet, all the way from Lancashire, 


I showed Simon around the yard......

And the lorry that I travel around in.

The Wobble Box was in the yard due to the lorry had a overnight in Renault Trucks Tipton, plus with the heat wave we was having at the time, it was a lot cooler to sleep in.
Simon was soon refreshed with a cup of tea. 

Then I made him one of my specials, a chorizo stir-fry.

2nd July 2018. The day of the trip.

Marmite on toast, an ideal breakfast for the energy needed for all the walking. 

Simon and Dinky. 

Phil very kindly took the day off so he could run us to the factory. He was a bit cheaper then a taxi.

As soon as we got there we was asked if we wanted a drink. 'More tea Simon?'

There are only 13 in the world of these VERY long wheel base Defenders. Here in Solihull they have 3, these are used to transport us tourist.... 'ahem'.... VIP's around the complex.  

Our tour guide today was Phil, Perfect.

It is a shame that 'NO PHOTOS' could be taken in the factory, but it was fascinating to watch the production line in motion, with all the robots riveting the Landrover together. "IT WAS RIVETING TO WATCH!" sorry.

The only place we could take photos was in the Range Rover Story Exhibition. 

To start off is where they started off, the testing of the Range Rover chassis in the grounds of Eastnor Castle near Ledbury.

Simon was most interested in the V8.

"Go on then Simon"

A bit of a beige number.... as Billy Connolly would say.

Bang on my size. 

Early concept drawings.

and design sketches. 

How did you get up there Simon?

Knobs..... not us! gear knobs, transfer box and gear box.

What was about in the 70's, a Kodak camera.

A very nifty telly, Just right for Simon.

Sindy Dolls Range Rover, spot on for Simon.

Can you spot Simon, I turn away for a second an he like a rat up a drain pipe climbing up anything.

I've only seen the six wheeled fire engine nowadays is there still any of these about?

The tweed jacket parade, all the posh stuff you got.

Not the Stig's, if its to do with a Land Rover then it must be the Twig's.  

I think this photo is wrong, the camera is on the tilt not the Range Rover.... Look at the angle the weeds are growing. 

Bit blurred but it duz give the look that I'm going forward fast..... or is it just me?

The half cut Velar. 

You see that kid sat in the back, well he's American an he got on our ti….. nerves. He could see that we wanted to look around in side. He flapped around in the front, climbed in the back then got back into the front, in the end Simon beckoned him down an very quietly said in his ear SOD OFF!! But then had to translate it to something an American could understand

He got the message an we was in.

Simon was soon playing with the computer.

Put some water in the cup holder an Simon could have a bath on the move.

We had a butchers in the boot.

That's a bit of a bugger, a hole in the floor, well that going to let the water an dirt in ain't it!. Ner its only to show off the rear diff. 

      Well that is it, more photos would of been great. but yes secrets must be kept. 

When BMW bought Rover, all they wanted was the mini brand an the 4x4 technology to go into their X5, I wouldn't give it room on my drive, but a Land Rover is welcome anytime. Well saying that not a Discovery, never been keen on them. Fortunately BMW sold Land Rover to ford who sold it... look it up on Google. 

At least their going strong at the moment. 

      Anyway thankyou Simon for traveling down, thankyou Phil for giving us a lift, thankyou Birmingham What's On for picking me on twitter, thankyou to all at Land Rover and Phil 2 for showing us around.

                                                    Great day.