Oz's travels.

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The BIG MIN....... Page 2.

Phil and I went with a few from the Redditch mini owners club to the Pride of Longbridge annual rally in Cofton park in Longbridge Birmingham.

 Phil was approached by a bloke from the press. He asked if he could take a few photos of Phil in front of the Maine Special. As a great mate he is, he asked if he could have his little mate in the photos. Of course he meant me. Nice one Phil. We made the Sunday Mercury page 25.
Then we was in the Birmingham Mail on the Monday, page 3. Gosh Phil an I are page 3 models., but please don't ask Phil to take his top off, cuz he will.
Parked up looking across the river Arrow at Coughton fords near Alcester.
It had to happen... Phil's broken it. Phil notice well should I say Adam Goodman spotted a leck-idge of gear oil on the axle, while Phil an Adam was lay under the Maine at the Bristol show. Phil later inspected it a bit closer with help from a wire brush an found the weld that held the spring mounting block on was cracked on the off side. Dave (Phil's Brother) took the Maine Special up to see Malcolm, who is an engineer in Henley-in-Arden. He agreed to weld it up plus make new shock brackets. So the job was on to get the back axle off. Phil started by tiding his garage that took 2 hours, yes it was a mess. Then the Maine Special was pushed in.
The back end was jacked up an placed on axle stands that Phil had borrowed from the workshop from work, Thanks to Richard the Machanic at R.Adams & sons. Wheels off, brake calipers an pipes off, then Ubolts loosend and "clang" the axle fell off. Ner Phil did lower it down with a bottle jack first then lifted it the rest of the way.
Here are the cracks.

Well Phil got it all welded up an bunged back on, but if you have a look on the Berkshire 4x4 show 2010 page you will find out what happened next.

Ok another major job again an who gets to do it?  Yes thats right ME!
Phil bought a pair of axles off a chap called Andrew Hunt in Warwick, so I got to work stripping the rear axle down.

                               HIT THE PLAY SWITCH ON THE CD!! G TEAM SIG TUNE!!   
A slight help with the sledge to pop out the half shaft.

All went well until we offered it up to the rear axle,

                                                                 IT WAS TO BIG!! BUGGER!!!  

After while Phil was given a back axle by Brian, a chap in Stratford-upon-Avon who Phil has had parts off in the past. Thankyou Brian. I got to work stripping this one down.
I had to drain the oil out of this one.
One side pops out ok.
An the other sides a bugger, but with help once again from the sledge.........
It pops out like a gudern arrrr, sorry a bit of Black country there.
You can see the difference.
Right lets bung it in the hole.
Yet another job, Phil power washed the underneath of the engine. He must of disturbed the sump gasket due to it started leaking. I got to work draining the oil an removing the oil filter.

Then loosened the sump bolts.

Phil took off the sump.
A inspection of the underneath.

Then I left Phil to clean the old gasket off the sump an the bottom of the engine. He then put the new gasket on an we then bunged it back together.

While Phil was doing that I climbed up top an cracked on replacing the rocker gasket.