Oz's travels.

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The new office.

                                                        A blast from the past .

R Adams & sons ordered a new office from Portacabin in Huntington that's in a part of York. Phil  and I was called upon to collect it. First we had to swap trailers from our normal one (trailer 6) to our old one (trailer 4) because trailer 4 was a few foot longer. The cabin we was collecting measured 48 foot long an 12 foot wide. Due to the size Martin Trustlove who works in the garage came a long with us as second man. Once all was sorted we had to do a sleeper job first so we headed off to Washwood Heath to get loaded. We loaded for Kendal.. well just a few miles to the right of it. We had been there the day before with Steve Fowler (Swampy). Phil and Steve had unloaded themselves with there moffetts. Steve had gone back up there and he was waiting for us to get there so he could unload us. On arrival Steve unloaded us in record time. The day was knocking on by then so Steve, Phil, Martin and I headed on down to one of Steve and Phil's  favourite hidy-holes. Sorry I have been sworn to secrecy not to disclose where. We was latter joined by an ex driver for Adams. We had a great night. Next morning I heard Steve and..... Oh I didn't tell you the name of the ex driver....er ... erm well to be truthful I don't know his real name but I do know his nick name is Dangles. Anyway they left about 5ish. We got up about 6.45 an was on the road to York about 7.15. We travelled through some lovely countryside to get to York. All went well until the last few mile where we had a bit of a magical mystery tour around Huntington. Finally we found Portacabin an after being let through the wrong gate we parked on the collection bay. Phil went in to the office to sort out what's what. He returned with four stick on warning triangles for the corners of the cabin. We were told by a feller that the cabin wasn't ready an it'll be about an hour and a half. Phil said " no problem just show us where the toilets are an we will be ok". He also showed us where the canteen was. After a toilet break we went in to the canteen. Martin and I had a full Breakfast and Phil had beans on toast, ARRRR BEAUTIFULL.

Martin in the lorry on the phone to his girl friend yet again.........

When he wasn't on the phone you could guarantee he would be eating....CHUBBY...

Here's the portacabin before it got loaded. 

Once it was ready it was soon loaded an bolted down on the back of the trailer.

When Phil took this Photo to the left of me were three blokes. I got the feeling that they were talking about me.

That's them...and they were..... Don't panic though they ok...Hello lads.

Right ready to go. It was fun on the way back, Phil couldn't see what was behind him, so he made sure he indicated well in advance before moving across the lanes on the motorway. We soon got it back to the yard, it only took about three hours.

Here's how much over hang we had at the back. About six foot.
I am a pretty strong gopher, Phil lifted me up and I showed him I could hold myself up by my arms off the waste pipe that is stuck out of the side of the cabin
Next morning a crane from Allely's in Studley arrived to lift it off Phil's lorry an to put in into place. Driver Bryan positioned the crane then Phil Back his lorry along side. Chains were coupled to the lifting loops on top of the cabin.
and up it went
Mark Adams then moved Phil's lorry out the way so it could be safely swung in to position.
Nearly there.. The operation closely watched by Mark.
Phil making sure it don't clout the container, plus communicating to the two lads the other side who was guiding it on to the edge of the concrete slab.
Once in potion Phil disconnects the chain then removes the lifting loops off the top so they don't create rusty marks down the side of the cabin.
There one new top dollar office for R.Adams and sons.