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Top Gear tractor.

Phil an I was back out shifting grain a job that Phil is getting a bit mift with since DHL poached our work shifting concrete sleepers about. Fancy them going direct to Network Rail an saying "we will shift your sleepers, bags of rail ballast and rail around for you at back load rates" well I call that not playing fair with all the smaller hauliers that are struggling out of the resion. Sorry about that... I'll hop off my soap box an get back to what this page is about........ Phil an I was loading in a farm near to Sleaford in Lincolnshire, parked in the farm was this.....

As you can see its a CASE an it has 535 written on it... erm.... that's it you'll have to look up the rest or watch the video below of not this actual tractor but an identical one that featured on Top Gear. 

I had a think about what powers this tractor along. How about GOPHER POWER!!!!

Right I'm off to take it for a spin, Terrrra.

Phil and I found one in a salvage yard in Doncaster that had a slight of a over heating problem.