Oz's travels.

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Jack (Phil's nephew) and I went for trip down to Cardiff to have a look around where they filmed Torchwood.

First stop was just out side the car park we was parked in. Between the NCP car park and Cineworld Cinema is Mary Ann street, this is where they filmed the first scene of the Episode 01 - Everything Change. They have put a tin wall up over the bit Gwen Cooper looks over the side of the car park.

Gwen Cooper enquires at the pizza shop about a delivery for torchwood, it wasn't actually filmed in a pizza shop, it was filmed in the 'Mumbai Bay' Indian Takeaway not too far from the Wales Millennium Centre. We planned to have a take out from there but it was closed down. Maybe they should of changed to pizzas, they may of still been in business.
Here is the building that Captain Jack Harkness stands on top of keeping a watch over Cardiff.
A shot of captain Jack on the building.

The Wales Millennium Centre.

With Jack.

On my todd looking cool.
It was a shame that there had been a festival thing an they were clearing it a way. Where we wanted to take photos stood by the fountain was fenced off ,so we had to come in from the side.
Stood on or by.... (well I think) the secret entrance to the Hub, before it was blown up of course.

We found the entrance to lanto Jones shop/ main entrance to the Hub. They have closed it off with fencing an made it in to a shrine.

   ^ I found the door.^            

                      Here's the plaques that was put up.>

Here's the dock that Owen runs off in season 2 episode 08 - A Day in the Death. 

One of Cardiff's landmarks the Pierhead Building. hay!! to the right of the clock.... have I caught in the shot a space ship that has come through the rift?

                                                                   Nerr its the top of a street lamp.

A bit blurred but Jack an I off to the Doctor Who experience.  

'Dodgy parking Doc!'

In the foyer (entrance hall) of the DWE are some of the props.... photo opp.....

This dalek is made from Lego. It must of took ages to build.

After the venture bit you go trough....... I wasn't allowed to take photo's of that bit... but I can say you go in to a room an someone gives you a------- nerr I wont spoil it for you. It was a bit scary....

                                          SO BECAREFUL! YOU MIGHT NOT MAKE IT BACK!!!!!

.....you end up in the exhibition hall full of original Doctor Who props and artefacts.

Inside of the Tardis over the years.
This one is my Doctors......  THE TENTH DOCTOR played by David Tennant. My opinion the best!
Now Tardissisississ........sis.                                              Had a chat withK9... he was feeling a bit woof!

I found one my size an headed off to an after a Dalek war zone in the 25th century...

 I fink? my watch has stopped.

Here's Bessie again, If you go to the Gaydon motor museum page you will see me with it there.

As I walked past this Dalek it moved! I had a little accident!!

                                                                                               It was being worked by Jack, Thanks mate.

I got my own back, I paid a Dalek a tenner an it sucked Jacks face off.
                                                             Not really only mucking about.

            Tenth Doctors outfit. (still the best)                                  Captain Jack Harkness outfit.

We could of stayed in there all day, but time was clocking on so after a bimble round the gift shop, where I bought a two pin badges and a sew on patch, we headed out for something to eat.

                                We past a ???                                                       Who 'nose' what it is? ha ha

After a while longer we headed back towards the car park to go home, but I couldn't resist a silly photo, that could of come out better if that car wasn't behind me. 

            Thanks Jack for a fantastic day out.