Oz's travels.

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Phil, Dave and I go to Welland every year to help out on the tractor pulling track. We are normally to busy to spend time around the show. This year though on the Friday morning I told Phil to grab his camera an with Dave (Phil's Brother) we had a quick look around the show.
There is a road making demonstration in the next field where there is a narrow gauge steam engine running up an down shifting stone.
Following the engine down the track we come to the steam roller and the stationery steam engine that powers the stone crusher.
A very rare 1915 Erie steam crane, what a very impressive bit of kit.
I noticed that between the Iron girders there are timbers to cushion the blows from the bucket arm going up and down.
Just a bit further up the hill was a diesel powered digger.
A Fordson Major with the first JCB set up from the 1960's.
A fantastic Scammell Contractor heavy haulage.
A wonder round a corner we came up behind a traction engine, Looking at the registration plate FX6661 may not mean too much for some.. even me! but Dave said "here she is... THE IRON MAIDEN" A comedy film was made in 1962 called the Iron Maiden about a traction engine, here is the engine that was in the film.
Here is a few behind the scene photos of the filming.
There is always a mighty fine collection of old "proper" lorries brought along to the show.

If you fancy a ride on a steam train that is possible aswell. Only a short bit of track but you have a jolly little ride in a guards van.

They have a different tank engine every year, this year is quite a novel one with a crane.

Here is the badge.

A bit of film of it coming up the track.

Its not long before I got hungry, a nip into the food tent where I found Louise from Nutts For...  'Scotch Eggs with a Difference'

 I soon bought a Scrumpy Jack cider scotch egg, it was delicious,

                                 Thank you kindly Louise.

The line up of showman's engines, some are powering the fair ground behind.
Please do come along next year to WELLAND STEAM RALLY, it is a fantastic weekend and its always on the last weekend in July. (If not flooded)