Oz's travels.

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When I'm not traveling I like to spend time in my shed. Here are things that I, Oh and with help from Phil, have made.
Birdy boxes.
This one has been nested in for the last two years by Blue Tits.
Bird feeder holders.
A very simple bird bath.

A bird table top to fit on an old tree stump.

A short wheel based bird table for a child.
A rabbit house.
 It was a mistake that I stood in it.

Phil shut me in it.

A cat house.

My mate Hue Lorry delivered it for me.
A sandwich board.


A sack truck conversion to transport the TARDIS.

A mobile flag pole stake for a 20 foot flag pole.
Phil's nephew Jack had a collage still frame  project, I lent a hand by making the set.

The scene is a cellar.

I was quite pleased with the beer crates.

A framework to cover the water heater in my wobble box. 

A pine with oak surround table top for the wobble box.

My electric guitar.

A case for my guitar.

A stage for Tucker's drum kit.

Moxey's bass guitar.

My size metal fencing.

Seat belt clip. 

Heavy duty tent pegs.