Oz's travels.

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 Time to upgrade from a tent. Looking around on ebay for a teardrop caravan we came across this instead, a Wheelhome Sprintaway Lux. Of course you don't jump in before doing some home work first.

The write ups looked good in caravan reviews and we found a small film on YouTube. 

This one was for sale by Three Shires Leisure, Bovingdon near Hemel Hampstead.

 Phil gave them a call an we popped down one Saturday to take a look.
  These are the photos they used on eBay.

 Built in 2006 and it was always kept in a garage. 

I had a good look around an thought it was very comfortable. 

Humm... well Phil what do you think?

Of course we bought it.

Now there are always little jobs to be found with second hand things. First was a rusty back plate to the security door lock.

Humm.... shell I rub down and paint? 

Nope! Make a new one out of 3mm aluminium.

Plus rebolt with stainless steel bolts.

Nice an tidy job..... that also wont rust.

A screw in the wall.
A well timed job.

To fit......

A radio controlled clock for the spot on time checking.

Under hear is the leisure battery, its a annoying gap that don't look tidy. This could be turned into a nice table for my mug of tea.....

             oh an biscuits. 

A nice bit of pine with end stops to stop it sliding, BUT... it may look a bit special if......

A trimmed down bit of old oak floor board. 

Counter sink the screw holes.

Then glued an screwed around the edges. 

An antique for the future.

Covers the gap perfect.

Under the seats/beds is a pull out draw. Phil and I thought could this space be used to fit something else.

A ten litre water heater. This water heater is 240 volt, so only can be used by mains hook up or a generator. Well we have a generator we bought at The GDSF in 2016.

It took two days to fit, I even insulated the tank to tap pipe, so when the water is up to temp, it will hopefully keep the water warm longer. I made a rack to go over the top so we can still use the storage area.

Now where I am stood was the back wall of the draw. The seat/bed rested on it, now it will put stress on the sides and it could even slip in the gap.

So a simple frame work is needed to fill the gap.

Measure twice and cut once, a tip from Tommy Walsh (Ground Force,  Challenge Tommy Walsh). Well it works, it fitted as snug as a bug.

Then screwed into place.

Still plenty of room to store a chair, fold away table and the awning.
I thought it would be nice to have my own bed that doesn't have to be packed away every morning. I drew out a few ideas an came up with this one. I even found my size reading lamp.

Its going up there, out of the way. 

Fits a treat, time for a try. 

Hummmmm comfy.

To save the power drain on the leisure battery I changed the lights from florescence strips to LEDS.

Even in the reading lamps.

Phil fitted an LED strip light on to the rear of the caravan. He fed the wires through to the fuse box, an of course it was up to me to connect it all up.


Switch in place.

All wired up, so the only thing I can say now is........


When you ley out the bed there is a hinged leg that folds down, well its a bit wobbly. A block on the bottom to give it a foot.

Also a block at the top to stop the leg folding out to far.


Phil and I came up with the name for the caravan, as it is an accurate description of all caravans we have followed up and down the country.


To officially name something you normally smash a bottle of champagne over it, well how about a bottle of premium vintage cider?
BUT it be a waste of cider, so sod it, I'll drink it instead.  

Moxey works in security so he popped round to check out what I've got.

       Hitch lock.

and a wheel clamp.

Moxey brought me a TORPEDO Full Stop leg lock.

Link to find out more about it....... purpleline.co.uk

Very easy to fit.

It also comes with a rubber cover.

A wee tip, always remember to remove the winding adaptor before you set off down the road. 

We never tried out the awning, so we thought we'd better before Welland Steam Rally, so we can look like we know what we are doing when we get there.
It went up well, with a few alteration, changing the guide ropes to ratchet straps attached to those dog lead screws made it more secure. 

The wobble box is now sign written to advertise this website and me Twitter.

Phil even found a company to make up a sticker of my header photo.


First major trip out to Much Marcle Steam Rally 2018.

Phil made some heavy duty awning pegs with his welder.
No 'buts' about it we have plenty of water. 

And " I'VE GOT THE POWER " it can 'SNAP' into action when needed. 

At Welland Steam Rally Dave... Phil's brother... kipped in the awning. 

A slight problem Phil noticed most mornings when he awoke was his sleeping bag was wet down one side. Humm I had my suspicion's. The inner walls of the wobble box are glass fibre, an the heat from Phil lying against it was causing condensation. So I purchased six steel coloured carpet tiles to line the sides.  

Talk about being lucky, the measurement between the bottom of the window and the wheel arch was 25cm, the tiles are 50cm square, so a straight.... well Phil cut them..... so a nearly straight cut in half done the job perfect. 

Looking good.... you can't even see the join. 

Now that wall is slopped. I'll leave that until I've done the other side.

Phil's pre cut the tiles... hand me the spray glue an lets get it done!


A tidy job an hopefully works aswell.  

We going to put another 12cm layer around the corners and cover the top of the wheel arches, so I'll have to send Phil out to buy another 4 tiles.

Another upgrade was a larger awning, same make as the last one.  

This one has a tent section out the back so David has more room for his camp bed, Also it has a inner tent that can befitted if required, we haven't used it yet, so next time we fit the awning I'll get Phil to put it up an I'll take a photo so you can see it.